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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

" The Heron is no more "

Mornin Hoomans 

I have a quick story for you today

I found this funny lookin fing in the gardin didn't fink it for anyfink so i fought i would see if it wanted to play 

It was very hard to get out from by the water hole but i managed it i fought daddy would be happy i got this fing away from daddy's best fishes didn't want it getting in the water and feefing his big fishes 

But when i got it away mummy said i was naughty for feefing it as it was to keep other big birdies from feefing daddy's big fishes, well how was i suppose to know dat 

Oh well mummy and daddy had a good laff at me when they watched it back on the camra thingy to see how i struggled to get it out, daddy has put it back in it's place protecting the big fishes but when they not lookin i shall feefed it again it was good fun tehehehe.

I feefed mummy's slippers too

this is the big bush i feefed the big birdy thing from

some of daddy's big fishies

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Hello peeples

I'm home, i been on long hollibobs wiv parwents and ikkle sitsers to the carvan 

I have had a fabolus time running round the gardin and long walks 

The 1 day we went on the sandy thing but i not liked it there too many shouty little peoples but we did see Alan & Pam wiv the lubberly Paddy who were there staying in their carvan too what a ikkle world, parwents had a good chitty chat and me and Paddy had good sniffs 

Daddy took pichas of us on the sandy thing 

Here is the lubberly Alan & Pam with gojuss Paddy hope we seed them again on the sandy place 

Mummy said i was ever so good with uver dogs and i loved the wet stuff on my feet 

here is a picha of me when i got stuk in Ruby's bed mummy had to help me get my head out from under the cubord 

don't fink i fit in Ruby's bed but it comfy 

Mummy not happy again though cuz i keep eating my toys then i sicked them back up so mummy throwd the ikkle soft toys away which Ruby & Gracie have fell out with me over cuz they are their toys but i not mean to do it 
maybe mummy buy nice new BIG toys for me 

My fur is now getting very shiny thanks to my lubberly mum for brushing me everyday and giving me these funny sweets called cod liver oil they taste yummy i always eat those first. 

I have been with my new family 9 weeks and am very happy but still scared of loud bangs and horrible likkle peoples.

woof again soon xxx

Monday, 7 August 2017

Uh oh i'm in trouble

Hello Hoomans & Woffies

I seem to have got myself in trubble and my hooman parwents not happy 

I have gotten a bit more confidentry as i am getting to know my hooman mummy and daddy
so i decide to be a ikkle norty

I first decided it good to wake hoomans up in the nights time so i can go play daddy, got cross (hehehe)

i then fort i would dig a hole in mummy hoomans gardy and bery a toy in the hole, mommy got cross 

then i destroy a wabbit that mommy kept flowers in was great fun shwedding it all in the gardin and i pulled the pump out of mommys water fountain, mommy very cross 
but mummy did say it was norty as it may have hurt me if it worked but it don't so i is ok.

today i ate the leg off a furry wabbit but i didn't like that so i had to eat gwass to make me sicked it up so then i decide i would find some cat poo to roll in that was weally good as it was everso pongy 
but mommy washed me and had to wash my collar so mommy cross again 

I am going now for a sleep which is my favowit fing to do 
then see what nortyness i can get up to

will let you no soon what i dunded x

R.I.P wabbit (snigger)