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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hello peeples

Hello peepples

Today parwents took me back to Daybreak Kennels, when we went in i had the shivers as i fought they were taking me back to stay, but no, they let me go into the the sand run so i could have a lubberly run off the lead and mummy played ball with me it was so lubberly and i could show them how fast i can run.

We then went in to see Aunty Kate i lubs Aunty Kate as she cleaned my ears for me as mummy fought i might have had a iffecsion but i's was just a mucky pup, fank u Aunty Kate.

Later that day mummy was not fwends with me and she shouted at me cuz i feefed the woast chinkin off the table but mummy soon cuddled me as i didn't know i was not allowed to feef.

I am still happy with my new parwents and ikkle sitsers i hopes i can stay forwever

Woof Woof till next time xx

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