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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Yoo Hoo

My new pairwents took me for a lubberly walk today with my big sitser Ruby, they took us to a place with lots of grass and said it was their cortin ground whatever that means but they talked all the while we were out talk talk talk.

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I came across some big dogs and ikkle dogs i was ever such a good girl and let them sniff me there were lots of little hoomans too i didn't really like them speshly the one with a big stick who kept hitting the long grass i was frikened he was going to hit me but my mommy kept saying it was ok and holding me.

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After what seemed ages daddy said time to go home but my ikkle sitser had to be carried by daddy for the last bit as she couldn't walk anymore cuz she has what mommy calls arfinritious.

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daddy says mommy has arfinritous too but she did well to walk with us.

Now back home and i zonked out on the floor

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Mommy wakes me up for dinner i had what mommy calls a sunday roast it was chikin with wegtables and a ikkle bit of gravy it was scrumptidlyumptious mommy said we will do this every sunday
i fink i am going to be very appy here :)

oh i forgets to tell you my pairwents put me some grass in my very own play area so i can do zoomies
but i like to go poo on it mommy not very happy but she let me off cuz i gave her a big smile.

tata for now x

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