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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hi Ho

Hi Ho Everyone

Well today was beach day i was a bit scared at first as i didn't know what a beach was but mommy said i would like it 
Daddy had me on the lead whilst mommy had my ikkle sitsers on their leads 

We had this big mountain of whats called sand, it feels funny under my ikkle paws but nice too

here is a pictcha of daddy and me going up the mountain

anover pictcha of me, daddy and sitsers on the beach 

I like it on beach but it was a bit windy, i wanted to go in the water, it was verr funny as daddy got his boots and twousers all wet :) it was lovely on my paws 

Ikkle sitsers didn't like the water poor Ruby got all her ikkle belly wet 

After a long walk on sand we went back to cayavan where we all zonked as we were all tired out.
I love my mommy and daddy for taking me to the sand and water.

Daddy says tomowo we are going to a market i hope i like that like the beach 

Woof Woof for now xx

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