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Monday, 3 July 2017


Hello hoomans

My story so far

My racing name was Cushie Fly, i was born on 04/04/2014 that I fink makes me 3 years old i have had 20 races winning 3 and coming second 3 times but my owner decided to retire me, not sure why I fought i was doing well but i am glad he did as i now have a lubberly home with 2 sisters who are Ruby & Gracie Jack Russell terrorists of all dogs but i have been told not to chase them, they seem nice so i think we will get along ok.

This is Gracie she is the mad one that runs around all over the place and likes to play with me
This is Ruby the old lady she is lubberly and I likes to follow her
My new mommy & daddy are named Jim & Shaz and i think they lub me as they have give me a new name Jess I fink it's a lubberly name and i have been spoilt with a new bed, toys, coat and harness so i can't run off and hurt myself.

This piccha was taken on 18/06/2017 the day i went home with my new mommy and daddy, hoomans call it my gotcha day.

It is very strange for me in my new home as i am used to living in a kennel but now i have a really soft bed in a funny room with furniture, not sure if i am allowed on it yet though, there is also this funny looking thing that makes orrible noises my hoomans call it a tv but i don't like it and hide when men shout on it.

I have a lubberly garden to play in except for this big hole filled with water that the hoomans call a fish pond which i fell in the other day it was very cold Brrrrr and wet but my lubberly new mommy rubbed me dry again .

My new mommy and daddy have said we are going to the beach soon whatever that is and staying in their caravan whatever that is too but i am excited to try out new things.

Before i was adopted by my mommy & daddy i stayed a little while at Solihull's Daybreaks Kennels they are lubberly there and help lots of dogs like me who's racing owners don't want us anymore so they find us lubberly new homes like i have, if you would like to help a greyhound like me have a lubberly home to retire to please go along and have a look you never know you may find your loving companion sitting there waiting to come home with you. All we want is someone to love and have a nice place to lay our weary bones and eat a nice bit of food we likes food.

I will say bye bye for now and when i do somefink hexciting will let you know but for now i am still trying to get used to my new home and sisters.

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