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Thursday, 20 July 2017


Coooeee everyone

Well we got in the car today and was in it a long time, mommy took a bowl wiv us cuz she fought i might be sicked but i wasn't i kept telling mommy i'm used to travelling but she wouldn't listen.

Anyway when we stopped we were at this funny ikkle house mommy said this is the cayavan she told me about, so that's what a cayavan looks like, it has a lubberly gardin for me to run around in, mommy made me a bed by her sofa and said that was where i was to sleep but i decided the bedroom was better even though it's a bit small.

I likes this ikkle house it's nice and quiet until the big yappy dog next door starts woofing daddy says i'm a good girl cuz i didn't woof back.

I had a special treat of fishes mommy calls sardines for tea for being such a good girl in the car, of course i'm good i sleeps all the way, the fishes were verr yummy.

We are going on the beach tomorrow whatever that is so it will be another new thing for me but for now i'm going as all that riding in the car has made me verr tired even though i did sleep all the way

Me at the cayavan

Me in my bed at cayavan watching ikkle sitser Gracie kill her toy 

 Me at cayavan having zoomies with ikkle sitser Gracie in cayavan gardin 

woof woof again soon x 

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Jim Earl said...

You have a very nice Mom but a bit silly sometimes x